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FOX5 Sept. 11, 2001 8:19 pm - 9:01 pm

Published September 12, 2001

News from Fox 5, Washington D.C. was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

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Date: 2001-09-12 00:19:57 UTC
Air Time: 2001-09-11 20:19:57 EDT
Length: 0:41:41

Producer Fox 5, Washington D.C.
Production Company Fox 5, Washington D.C.
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Reviewer: izzysykopth - - June 23, 2011
Subject: Guilt w/o doubt.
If you research these clips with a careful eye there are too many holes in the story from the second it started. Its absurd. Anyone that believes this utter nonsense doesn't have the deductive reasoning skills of a doorknob. The historical precedents alone are so powerful it defies all sense of awareness. The Bush family has been arming our enemies and profiteering off US Soldiers lives since before WWII. Reichstag Fire/911 Hitlers Roman Crusade/Bush's Roman/Jesuit Crusade-Hitler's Enabling Act/Bush's Patriot Act The current target is the Muslims as they are not going to bow to Catholicism. Thats why they are stomping out Muslim country after Muslim country.
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on 3/2/2007
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